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Ease Your Worries With Our Sedation

If seeing the dentist causes you a lot of anxiety, or if you are worried your upcoming dental treatment will be uncomfortable, IV sedation may offer a solution. A lot of people find dental visits and treatments stressful, which is why we offer IV sedation to help you ‘relax’ and feel more at ease.

Sedation can be very helpful for patients with dental anxiety, or for adult patients requiring surgical procedures and/or who want to complete more treatment in fewer visits. Essentially all treatments can done under sedation.

With conscious sedation the patient is injected with a sedative medication that keeps them relaxed while still conscious enough to respond to questions and remain alert. Most patients have little to no memory of their dental procedure when sedated. While sedated, patients report a feeling of deep relaxation, and the treatment feels like it goes by very quickly. If you are interested in pursuing sedation for your dental treatment come see us for an initial consultation.

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