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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Get Your Wisdom Teeth checked

There often isn’t adequate room in our mouths for our wisdom teeth, and wisdom teeth often come through at an incorrect orientation. Due to this your dentist will likely recommend extracting your upper and/or lower wisdom teeth. Leaving your wisdom teeth in when you have been recommended removing them can result in tooth decay, infection, damage to surrounding teeth, crowding of teeth, cysts, tumours, and jaw fracture. Your wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthetic or sedation.

wisdom teeth extraction - Johnsonville Family Dentist

Risks and complications of procedure

While you will be instructed on post operative care following wisdom tooth extraction there are some risks to be aware of.

Common risks and side effects include pain, infection, bleeding, or dry socket following the extraction. Rarer risks involve reactions to drugs used, damage to surrounding teeth and restorative work, fragment of root being left in the jaw, or involvement of the sinuses or facial nerves. An involvement of one or more of these rare side effects may require you to undergo further treatment.

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