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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Process

A thorough examination with x-rays is required at our clinic before we prescribe root canal treatment. Root canal treatment normally requires 2-3 appointments, but this can vary due to difficulty.

Inside each of our teeth is a network of blood vessels and nerves, which we call the pulp. This supplies blood-flow and nutrition to the tooth. When tooth decay, which carries bacteria, reaches the pulp you can experience significant pain. This is due to the body fighting back against the bacteria by way of inflammation. Inflammation causes swelling, but unlike other areas of the body, the pulp is surrounded by a hard outer layer. This creates pressure on the nerves which we feel as severe pain.

Once the pulp dies it becomes an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria to thrive. Complications of leaving the infected tooth untreated vary, but symptoms can include throbbing pain, discomfort chewing, sensitivity to cold or hot and pus build up. Unfortunately, we cannot simply treat this with antibiotics and either have to extract the tooth or perform a root canal treatment.

During treatment the pulp chamber and root canals of the tooth will be meticulously cleaned and medicated before being filled in with a resin material. Without the pulp to provide blood and nutrition the tooth becomes brittle and at risk of breaking. We can strengthen the tooth by crowning it.

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