Meet the Team

Dr. Gurpinder Singh - Johnsonville Family Dentist

Dr. Gurpinder Singh (Dentist)

Dr Gurpinder Singh graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry in 2003. After leaving dentistry overseas, Gurpinder began working in dentistry in New Zealand, and has been working in the Wellington region for the past 10 years. Gurpinder enjoys all aspects of dentistry with a special interest in CAD/CAM dentistry. By attending regular dental conferences, Gurpinder keeps up to date with advances in dental technology. When not working Gurpinder loves to travel and explore New Zealand’s wonderful hotspots.

Dr. Upma Bhasin - Dentist - Johnsonville Family Dentist

Dr. Upma Bhasin (Dentist)

I started my journey as a general dentist after graduating. After practicing in India for 11 years, I migrated to NZ with my young family in 2003 after being mesmerized by the beauty of the country. I completed my NZDREX registration in 2005 and have practiced in New Zealand for the past 14 years. Pursuing my passion for the dentistry, over the years I have continually updated and expanded my pool of dental skills with ongoing training and professional development courses. I have had extensive training in Endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, CAD CAM dentistry & have added Implant dentistry to my list of skills recently.  I love my work and my family – they are what makes me happy. I love to take up new challenges. If my positive attitude and my skills as a dentist can put a smile on your face, it would please me more than any words can say.

Dr. Josh Ritchie - Dentist - Johnsonville Family Dentist

Dr. Josh Ritchie (Dentist)

Josh graduated with a bachelor of dentistry in 2013. He has experience working in a wide range of dental clinics all over New Zealand and has decided to settle in the Wellington region. He practices all facets of general dentistry and particularly enjoys keeping up with the newest techniques and technology through courses and continued education. He is described by others as a caring dentists with a gentle hand.

Tracey Ng - Dental Hygienist - Johnsonville Family Dentist

Tracey Ng
(Dental Hygienist)

Dental Hygienist Tracey graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Oral Health. As an oral health therapist, she can practice within the scopes of dental hygiene and dental therapy. Prior to graduating as an oral health therapist, she has also graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Technology. Tracey is passionate about helping her patients to improve and maintain optimal oral health. Tracey decided to study to become a dental hygienist due to her interest in community health and because the hygienist role allows her to have great connections with her patients. In her free time, she likes to travel (particularly Asia), try new foods and spend time with her family and friends here in Wellington. Tracey endeavours to build long lasting relationships with her patients to ensure ongoing oral health.