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Dental Crowns

Fix Your Smile With Dental Crowns

Teeth that are vulnerable to breaking may be strengthened and restored with a dental crown. Crowns protect the structure of the tooth by providing full coverage – think of it like a suit of armour for your teeth. Dental crowns are made from strong materials such as ceramic, zirconia or gold and are designed to last many years. Crowns also have the advantage of looking and feeling like a natural tooth.

There are many reasons to consider a crown. If your tooth has been heavily filled, or undergone root canal treatment, or if it has been cracked a crown can help strengthen and protect the tooth. This helps prevent future damage to the tooth, as well as improving the tooth’s appearance.

Crowning usually takes two appointments. The first appointment involves preparing the tooth to receive the crown as well as taking impressions of the tooth. The impressions are sent away to a laboratory where the crown is built with the chosen material. Once the crown is complete it is sent back to the clinic, where we will cement it to your tooth.

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