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Cosmetic Dentistry

Get a perfect smile!

If your smile isn’t quite how you want it, maybe we can help. Issues such as discolouration and imperfect or uneven teeth appearance can all be corrected with cosmetic dental practices. Treatments such as whitening, veneers, and crowns may just be what you need for a more confident smile.

Your opinion on your smile can have a huge impact on your confidence. If you think you could benefit from a smile make-over, be sure to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists. Our team will be able to advise you on what treatments are best to achieve your dream smile and get you started on your journey to a confident, radiant smile.

The most common cosmetic services used at our clinic are whitening, veneers, and crowns. Read on to learn more.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Johnsonville Family Dentist


While discolouration of our teeth is a natural and expected part of life, habits such as smoking and heavy coffee drinking can exacerbate this process. Whether your teeth are only slightly discoloured or severely so, if you would like a whiter, brighter smile your dentist can help. Arrange a consultation with one of our dentists to discuss whitening options and shade you would like to achieve.


Veneers are made of a thin layer of composite or porcelain, and are design to fit seamlessly over a tooth. If one of your teeth doesn’t quite match the rest, perhaps due to discolouration or a chip, a veneer may be the right option for you. Your dentist will be able to recommend whether a veneer is suitable for your tooth, and will match the shade of the veneer to your teeth, ensuring an invisible, cosmetic fix.


Dental crowns are made from strong materials such as ceramic, zirconia or gold and are designed to last many years. Crowns completely cover the tooth and restore it to a natural look and feel. In cosmetic dentistry crowns are often used in similar situations to veneers but where the tooth requires extra strength and protection.